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Our Mission

Empower institutions in global digital asset infrastructure inversion

At Brick Towers, our mission is to position ourselves as a leading, global institutional-grade infrastructure provider within the digital asset universe. Leveraging distributed ledger technology, we offer our clients diverse opportunities to actively participate and earn native rewards in the rapidly emerging digital asset landscape.

Our client-focused approach ensures full control remains with the customer, offering services that require no custodian or fiduciary roles from us, but rather, showcases us as a trusted technology provider, upholding a prudent mindset at all times.

Rooted in the belief that Bitcoin and other major internet-native digital assets like Ether are the future digital gold and oil, we strive to offer our institutional clients the necessary infrastructure to secure their part in this industry’s growth. We envision the internet-native transfer of money and value leading to an infrastructure inversion in the coming years, and our mission is to guide our clients through this transformative journey.

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Our Values

Brick Towers represents the strong foundation and consistent growth of a well-designed structure. Our name highlights the careful process of building a towering success brick by brick, emphasizing our dedication to fostering long-term achievements, step by step.

Rooted in over a decade of expertise in digital platform engineering and integration, our conviction is a testament to our extensive collaboration with a variety of institutional clients. Our experience with banks, insurance, asset managers and regulators has formed our skills and deepened our understanding of the industry. Like the persevering bricks of a tower, our knowledge and partnerships form the solid foundation and reliable growth we consistently deliver.


At Brick Towers, we believe in the power of open communication. By keeping our team and clients well-informed about our strategies and initiatives, we instill a sense of trust and reliability.


We uphold professional excellence in everything that we do and love what we do and take pride in our work. We are exited to be innovators in our field.


We believe in the power of collaboration between our team, our clients and our partners. Thus, with careful selection of our employees, we ensure that the synergy of our collaborations consistently yields outcomes greater than the sum of individual efforts.


In a world where technology is the driving force behind progress and innovation, technical excellence serves as the cornerstone of our collective advancement. We uphold the highest standards in security and usability, and consider native technologies first.

Brick Towers Core Team

«A team with superpowers is a team with a joint past
and a common goal for the future»

The in-depth experience in traditional investment management combined with the extensive knowledge of modern Web3 technology provides a profound base to tackle the challenges in decentralized financial infrastructure.

Ralph Hofacker

Ralph Hofacker


Christian Dick

Christian Dick


Sergey Kisel

Sergey Kisel


Imants Firsts

Imants Firsts



Foundations and Associations

Foundations and DAOs want to grow their treasury money safely to fund more projects, but finding a simple, low-risk way to do this is hard.

Brick Towers helps Foundations and DAOs safely grow their money through staking, so they can focus on their main work.

Banks and Asset Allocators

Banks and asset allocators aim for profitable asset management but have concerns with staking complexity, security, compliance, and regulatory requirements.

Brick Towers streamlines staking, secures assets, reports rewards, and mitigates regulatory issues, aiding institutions in diversifying their investments with confidence.

Custody Service Providers

Custody Service Providers safeguard digital assets in a non-custodial manner and need to provide an easy way for their users to make their assets productive

Brick Towers offers an SDK to integrate staking services natively which allows the custody service provider to broaden their service range and make their customers happy

Web3 Wallets

Offering native staking, especially for Ethereum’s 32 ETH batches, presents a financial barrier to user and excludes them from receiving risk minimized staking rewards.

Brick Towers‘ API enables pooled staking and withdrawals in wallets based on smart contracts, breaking these barriers and promoting user retention through a new passive income stream.

Customer Story

Pillar Project Foundation – Institutional-Grade Staking of Ethereum

Block 15’134’082

Time staked


Rewards API in Ether

The Merge

Major Protocol Update I


Major Protocol Event II

Treasury Use Case

Incorporated in 2017 and based in Zug (Switzerland), Pillar Project Foundation is the corporate entity that coordinates the creation of the Pillar wallet and champions its adoption.
The large majority of the Foundation treasury is kept in Ether and serves for future investments. Working with Brick Towers, the Foundation earns rewards on otherwise idle Ether, increasing the impact it can achieve in the future.

“Partnering with Brick Towers allowed us to make our Foundation Treasury productive, a move that aligns perfectly with our Pillar ethos of safeguarding and contributing to the growth of decentralized networks. Brick Towers’ Staking-as-a-service offering not only enabled us to secure the network, but also to earn attractive rewards in doing so!”

Pillar Project Foundation

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